The SM Files are simfiles used for Stepmania. The tags are somewhat similar to the DWI format. The only difference are the note areas.


  1. TITLE - Displays the title of the song.
  1. SUBTITLE - Displays a subtitle, or a secondary title of the song.
  1. ARTIST - Displays the artist of the song.
  1. TITLETRANSLIT, #SUBTITLETRANSLIT, and #ARTISTTRANSLIT - Displays a transliterations if shown in a foreign language.
  1. CREDIT - Information about the author can be put here.
  1. BANNER - The filename of a song banner (png, jpg, bmp format) can be put here.
  1. BACKGROUND - The filename of the background/wallpaper (png, jpg, bmp format) for a song.
  1. LYRICSPATH - The path of an LRC File can be put here.
  1. CDTITLE - A small image for the album or the simfile author. In the default theme, it is located at the upper right of the song banner.
  1. MUSIC - This is the mp3/wav/ogg file. This is required for the song to run.
  1. OFFSET - This is the delay before the note sequence start.
  1. SAMPLESTART (sec:ms) - Designates where the preview sample starts.
  1. SAMPLELENGTH (sec:ms) - States the duration of the preview sample.
  1. SELECTABLE (boolean) - States whether the song is hidden or selectable.
  1. BPMS - Designates a BPM value at a specific beat.