Catastrophic Plus (Abbreviated usually to Cata+) is the name given to a song which has a rating of 10.


The first Cata+ level song was Max 300 from Dance Dance Revolution Max, which although not technically challenging its scrolling 300 BPM and stamina drain made it a struggle for players who hadn't encountered anything like it before.

It can be said that it was created in a response to the steady amount of players who had begun to find Cata's as little challenge.

Player developmentEdit

A milestone in many players minds is passing there first Cata+, which is generally done a while after passing there first Cata and several others after that.


Max 300

MaxX Unlimited


The Legend of Max

Paranoia Survivor

Paranoia Survivor Max


Max 300 Super-Max-Me Mix

Outer limits


Fascination Maxx

Fascination Eternal Love Mix




Stompin at the Gotham

Power Course 3 (Due to its length and inclusion of Insaner LED Punishment Mix and PSMO)


  • While not used to actually label 10-footer songs, it was used on one of the Mission Modes of DDR Universe for the Xbox 360 (which also included other lables like Superior, Paramount, etc.)

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