beatmania was released in the arcades in December 1997.

New songsEdit

  • 20, november (radio edit) / DJ nagureo (Double only)
  • 20, november (single mix) / DJ nagureo (Single only)
  • 2 Gorgeous 4 U / Prophet-31 (Single only)
  • e-motion / e.o.s. (Both)
  • greed eater / The Dust Fathers (Double only)
  • jam jam reggae / jam master '73 (Both)
  • LOVE SO GROOVY / LOVEMINTS (Single only)
  • LOVE SO GROOVY (12inch version) / LOVEMINTS (Double only)
  • OVERDOSER (ambient mix) / MIRAK (Double only)
  • OVERDOSER (romo mix) / MIRAK (Single only)
  • u gotta groove / DJ nagureo (Both)


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