Dance Dance Revolution was the first game in a series of Dance Dance Revolution titles. The arcade edition was released on November 21st, 1998 in Japan. A Japanese console version was subsequently released on April 10th, 1999.

General Information Edit

  • First DanceDanceRevolution game to be released.
  • Unlike later DanceDanceRevolution games, players were penalized for hitting panels when no arrows were scrolling up.
  • The arrow skin was "FLAT", meaning all arrows were the same color regardless of beat.
  • First mix to introduce several elements that later became staple parts of the series, including Dancemania licenses and DanceDanceRevolution characters.
  • Total number of songs: 11

New SongsEdit

The soundtrack for DanceDanceRevolution included 11 new songs.

License MusicEdit

Konami OriginalsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • This game marked the Bemani debut of Naoki Maeda, who wrote all the new songs in the arcade Dance Dance Revolution games until MAX2.
  • Although not 'officially' released until November 21st, the date November 20th later became known as the "birthdate" of DDR.
  • The game spawned some of the most popular songs in the series, despite having only 11 in total. Staple DDR songs from this mix include BUTTERFLY, PARANOiA, and TRIP MACHINE.