New FeaturesEdit

  • Londell "Taz" Hicks replaces Thomas Howard as the announcer.
  • The song selection screen is now 640x480.
  • The inclusion of Freeze Arrows in new charts.
  • The BPM display, a numerical indicator of how fast a song is.
  • The difficulty names have been changed. "Basic" becomes "Light", "Another" becomes "Standard" and "Maniac" becomes "Heavy". In addition, equivalent kanji characters are written next to the difficulty name.
  • Omits the foot ratings for the Grooove Radar, a Pentagon-shaped meter that measures the difficulty of the song on five categories: Stream, Voltage, Chaos, Air and Freeze. The foot ratings would be brought back for DDRMAX2 7th Mix.
  • Brings back the Extra Stage mechanic from 1st Mix and adds a One More Extra Stage when a player clears the Extra Stage.
  • Your mileage may vary, every song from the previous arcade mixes have been removed, signifying a new beginning. The only existing songs that remain are the home version songs.
  • The dancing characters have been removed and full motion video, as opposed to Animations, play on the background. Dancing characters would be brought back on DDR Supernova.

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