Dancemania is a series of dance music albums published by Toshiba-EMI for the Japanese market. Konami teamed up with Toshiba-EMI to license some of their songs for the then-upcoming DanceDancerevolution game. Each had benefits of their own on the agreement.


  • All tracks are free to use for DDR, not only in Japan, but in USA. including console versions, as long as the name of the game includes the name "Dance Dance Revolution". In Europe, due to a change in name, this only applied to the arcade versions (It did allow Konami to license songs from the Universal Music Group and other local artists like Kylie Minogue and Steps).
  • Konami must promote the albums in DDR thru the demo loops and on cdtitles in the gameplay select screen.
  • Konami may only license songs from Dancemania, they can't go to another publisher. Or, Dancemania licenses may not be included on a game also featuring licenses from other record labels (DDR Disney's Rave).
  • The agreement is good for 10 years. It expired around the time of DDR Supernova, although Dancemania licenses made up part of the license songlist of DDR Supernova 2 Arcade.


  • Dancemania albums were not promoted on overseas mixes. Rather than removing the advertisements on the demo loops, Konami chose to instead disable them (the cdtitles are still gone). They can be enabled using hacking devices.
  • The official soundtracks for the DDR mixes were also prepared and published by Dancemania. It is unknown if this is part of the agreement.

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