Dancing Stage is what DanceDanceRevolution is called in Europe. Due to the change in name, Konami was able to license songs from local artists like Natasha Bedingfield, Kylie Minogue, Steps, S Club 7, Aaron Carter and Spice Girls for the games while still being allowed to license songs from Dancemania (most of which were from European artists as well) for the arcade games. The name was also used on at least three special DDR games in Japan, in which two were dedicated to an entire band (for the third game, it allowed Konami to license songs from Avex, while still being a themed game).

In 2009, Konami retired the title and announced that three European DDR games, the arcade version of DanceDanceRevolution X and the Nintendo Wii gamesDanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 2 and DanceDanceRevolution Winx Club will be released without the Dancing Stage name.

List of Games with the Dancing Stage titleEdit


  • Dancing Stage 1.5
  • Dancing Stage Euromix (equivalent to 3rd Mix)
  • Dancing Stage Euromix 2 (equivalent to MAX2)
  • Dancing Stage Fusion (equivalent to Extreme USA)
  • Dancing Stage Supernova


  • Dancing Stage Euromix
  • Dancing Stage Disney Mix
  • Dancing Stage Party Edition (equivalent to Konamix/4th Mix)
  • Dancing Stage Megamix
  • Dancing Stage Fever
  • Dancing Stage Fusion

PlayStation 2Edit

  • Dancing Stage Megamix (equivalent to MAX, uses Euromix 2's engine and interface)
  • Dancing Stage Fever (equivalent to MAX2)
  • Dancing Stage Fusion
  • Dancing Stage Max (equivalent to Extreme 2)
  • Dancing Stage Supernova
  • Dancing Stage Supernova 2 (equivalent to Supernova 2 USA PS2)


  • Dancing Stage Unleashed (equivalent to Ultramix)
  • Dancing Stage Unleashed 2 (equivalent to Ultramix 2)
  • Dancing Stage Unleashed 3 (equivalent to Ultramix 3)

Xbox 360Edit

  • Dancing Stage Universe
  • Dancing Stage Universe 2 (equivalent to Universe 3)


  • Dancing Stage Hottest Party

Japan GamesEdit

  • Dancing Stage feat. Dreams Come True (Arcade, PlayStation)
  • Dancing Stage feat. True Kiss Destination (Arcade, PlayStation)
  • Dancing Stage feat. Disney's Rave (Arcade, PlayStation)


  • It appears that Dancing Stage Solo has begun as a concept before being cancelled. Assets (graphics) for that game were found in the DDR Solo 2000 disc.

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