E-Amusement is a card that made by konami and is only in japan only.

in conclusion E-Amusement system that used in arcade. for sometime all game that used with E-Amusement technology in conclusion that all game produce with E-Amusement card. then purchase paseli from a konami website. you can register E-Amusement from a konami website using your Konami ID. E-Amusement used magnetic stripe card. the new card used 4 digit pin. konami E-Amusement card and NFC tag also used "netDX" on some phone through account.

card phase out Edit

starting in 2006, konami began phase out the magnetic card system and starting to use the E-Amusement pass. with the new cards use 4-digit pin system to your arcade machine

NFC Tag Edit

the E-Amusement pass works with your smartphone so you can login via your machine

Beatmania IIDX Edit

Beatmania IIDX that used the E-Amusement service. that used the internet ranking services and unlock new songs in some Beatmania IIDX.

beatmania IIDX 9th style used E-Amusement support cards without internet connection. require an internet connection.

for some reason Beatmania IIDX DistordeD used new E-Amusement pass with new design.

Beatmania IIDX Infinitas a game for the PC used as E-Amusement cloud support

Dance Dance Revolution Edit

on some DDR game DDR Supernova used E-Amusement pass system. in the us use patch CD on the america DDR Supernova arcade. then DDR Supernova 2.

in DDR X with this feature E-Amusement in DDR X can use high score and change combo feature in DDR X. the target score introduce in DDR X3 and DDR 2nd Mix. In USA DDR A The first game in north america used the E-Amusement feature.

Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania Edit

mostly Guitar game and drum game Guitar Freaks 8th mix and drum mania 7th mix can support the E-Amusement to use the feature. guitar freaks and drum mania V3 will used the E-Amusement pass feature. these game here include rivals, unlock, and you can play with your other friends on the E-Amusement network.

Pop 'n Music Edit

Pop 'n Music used the E-Amusement system with the card. Pop 'n Music 9 can subscribe to E-Amusement to use the feature. and Pop 'n Music 14 used E-Amusement pass system

comparasion with other card Edit

the E-Amusement card system is compare than taito NESYS, the sega allnet, and the bandai namco entertaiment banapassport card

other Edit

other game including Jubeat, Jubeat Ripples, Jubeat Knit, Jubeat Copious, Jubeat Saucer, Jubeat Prop, Jubeat Qubell, Reflec beat, Reflec beat Limelight, Reflec beat Colette, Reflec beat Groovin!!, Reflec beat Volzza, and many other

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