An Edit is a file made to add an extra chart to a song, with out editing the .SM file. It can be used with Stepmania or In The Groove.


To create an edit, one would use Stepmania or In the groove for the PC to find a simfile and use the editor, the file would be created like a normal simfile, but on the EDIT chart instead. With using Stepmania, the edit would appear within the .SM file opposed to in an external file with external links to the song, and always available for play, the file would have to be manually cut out of the .SM file and pasted into a new .EDIT file, With In the groove for PC this was not needed since it could write an .EDIT straight to a memory card.


To use an EDIT with Stepmania is rather easy, since it is written into the .SM file and accessible from most themes. How ever to use it with a In the groove cabinet, you would need to move it to a USB stick (that had to be included on the list of confirmed working USB sticks for ITG1, this list was removed for ITG2,) then place it into the machine before the song wheel is opened (during the splash screen to the final screen of play options.)

Notes about creationEdit

When manually copying and pasting into a .EDIT file, the best option is to open the .SM in Notepad and then copy over the chart to a new notepad file and save it as a .EDIT file (making sure to select all files from the dropdown menu, other wise it will be a text file,) and then adding a new line to the top which tells the machine which song it will load, the line to add is,


You'll need to put it in with the exact formatting or else it will not work.