The Evolved series consist of hard songs in DDR that are notorious for being random. Their gimmick is that one song, simply titled "(City) evolved" is available on the song wheel, however, in gameplay it actually randomly loads one of three stepcharts, some of which feature BPM changes not seen on the default one, or songs that sound different in some sections. These songs originally debuted on the Hottest Party series, the third one started appearing on other consoles and even in the arcade versions.

To date, there have been 5 songs in the series, composed by a variety of Bemani artists.

Tokyo EvolvedEdit

Artist: Naoki Underground
BPM: 70-280
Difficulty: SP 3/7/9/10


  • First iteration of the Evolved Series.
  • A re-arangement is available in DDR Universe 3, titled "L.A. Evolved". This version however, contains no alternate steps of its own.

Osaka EvolvedEdit

Artist: Naoki Underground
BPM: 50-300

Difficulty: SP 3/7/9/10

  • First Evolved song to include alternate music.
  • A re-arrangement appears on the Konami Music Full Soundtrack, titled "Kansai Evolved ~Osaka Style~.

Roppongi EvolvedEdit

Artist:TAG Underground
BPM: 170 (Ver.A)
Difficulty: SP 6/8/11/15 (X Ratings)


  • First Evolved song on the PS2 and arcade series. Contains double steps as well.
  • Included a Ver. D on the arcade version.

New York EvolvedEdit

Artist: nc Underground
BPM: 95-380 (Ver.A)
Difficulty: SP 4/7/9/10


  • First evolved song to be done by a commisioned artist.
  • The cd cover on the PS3 version depicts a skeleton in front of a city landscape. On the Wii version, it only has a pair of staring eyes on a reddish-blue sky.

London EvolvedEdit

Artist: TAG Underground
BPM: 80-320
Difficulty: SP 5/8/11/14/15 (X Ratings)


  • First Evolved song to include challenge steps.


  • The concept of random songs being loaded is not entirely new. In DanceDanceRevolution Supernova 2, Sunkiss Drop, was available in Alison Side (English) and jun side (Japanese). The Alison side plays by default on the song wheel, but the player may end up playing the jun version. Opening folders in a specific order in the PS2 versions enabled players to play the jun side 100% of the time. There are no stepchart variations between the two and this gimmick was dropped in X2.

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