Guitar Freaks (PS) was released on the Sony PlayStation on July 29, 1999. It acts as key disc for Guitar Freaks 2nd Mix Append (PS), the only Guitar Freaks game that requires a key disc to operate.

New SongsEdit

  • Chicago Blue / Izumi Mutsuhiko
  • Cool Joe / Izumi Mutsuhiko
  • Cutie Pie / Toshio Sakurai
  • Dry Martini / Atsuki Watanabe
  • Fire / Izumi Mutsuhiko
  • Hypnotica / Naoki Maeda
  • Jazzy Cat / Ueko Harumi
  • L.A. Rider / Izumi Mutsuhiko
  • Lucky? Staff / Izumi Mutsuhiko
  • Shake It Up / Izumi Mutsuhiko

CS songs Edit

  • Evil Eye / Koichi Namiki

Trivia Edit

  • This game marked a lot of Bemani debuts for many artists, including Izumi Mutsuhiko, Ueko Harumi, Toshio Sakurai, and Koichi Namiki.

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