Song InformationEdit

Artist: Fischerspooner
BPM: 138
Genre: Dance
First Appeared On: DanceDanceRevolution X
Length: 1:43
Difficulty: SP: 2/5/6/10 DP: 6/7/9



Maybe I could fall
Baby, I could fall apart
To conceal, to protect, to serve and to reject

I’m turning into something
Go all the way to the right
I’m going past, I’m going past, I‘m going past the next two lights.

Hit the streets
They talk to me
A fickle beast who’s nice today
It’s such a waste, another day
Such a waste, But it feels great

It may be a waste
Another day
It feels great
It feels great

It may be a waste
Another day
But it feels great
It feels great

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Official Song CommentEdit

"Happy" was released on the 2005 album Odyssey by New York's Fischerspooner. Dipping it's 

fingers into Electro, Indy, Pop and Dance, "Happy" is an outstanding example of today's 

genre-less music soundscape.