Let's Get AwayEdit

Song InformationEdit

Artist: NAOKI feat. Brenda Burch
BPM: 150
Genre: Dance
First Appeared On: DanceDanceRevolution 2010
Length: 1:58
Difficulty: SP: 2/4/6/7 (DDR 2010)



Looking out at the sky, the clouds are pouring down
Locked myself up too long inside my mind
Been working hard, seems to never stop
I just need a break, somewhere I can go to relax
Where the sun always shines I'll go and never look back...

Let's get away, get away
To a place where only happiness lives
And all the heartache fades away
You and I will fly up 'till we find what we're looking for
Let's get away, get away
To a place where there is water that's blue
And all the air is fresh and new
No one else but you and I to walk through that open door
It's time for the new day, let's get away.

Living your life, through all the ups and downs
Trying to keep your feet on solid ground
Push comes to shove, and it's all you can take
It is time to get away!

Song Connections/RemixesEdit

Let's Get Away (Full Version) is available in the DLC set named "Premium Pack" for DanceDancerevolution 2010 (PS3 version).

A different re-arrangement (labeled Dance Off 6) is available in a different gameplay mode on the same game.


The full version (listed above) is played on the Credits Roll of the PS3 version.

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