Perfect Attack (Or PA) is the term given to the ability to get Perfects opposed to every other judgment type (depending on Dance Game Engine).


PA can be seen as how good a player is, although other factors can come into play (Difficulty of song for instance,) but PA is generally seen as a good representative of player skill.

A AAA is generally a good sign of having great PA.

PA PlayersEdit

Some players play just for PA and will practice songs until they have gotten to the point where they can comfortably get a high score every time on a song.

Reasons for PA playingEdit

  • Tournament play: Tournaments are almost always about PA, the only exception to this is when Vs'ing a player who can't pass the song being played
  • Achievements: Posting a high score in the community generally garners some positive feedback.
  • High Scores: Some games (namely ITG) feature a High score table, and having the Number 1 score is usually a players wet dream.

How to improve PAEdit

Play, Play, Play, Play and Play again, also listening to the song and trying to pick up on it's beat. Generally PA improves on songs when you can hear its beat and garner a steady rhythm.