Sota Fujimori

Known for his techno sounds, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Sota Fujimori owns a lot of synthesizers (both hardware and software) which he uses to compose music. Sota Fujimori is a member of the core Beatnation group.

Video Game CareerEdit

Alongside his contributions to the home versions of DanceDanceRevolution, he has composed music for other Konami games such as Castlevania Chronicles, Neo Contra and the Rumble Roses games.

Bemani CareerEdit

Most of his early work is on the DanceDanceRevolution series, where he joined U1 in producing songs for the home version of the games. Sota also composed most of the new music as well as the menu music for Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection for the PlayStation 2. Starting with DanceDanceRevolution Supernova, he, along with U1 eventually started composing songs for the arcade versions alongside Naoki Maeda and other composers. Later on, he branched to other Bemani games like Beatmania IIDX, Pop'n Music and jubeat.


He has currently released three albums, Synthesized, Syntthesized2 and Synthesized3.

External LinksEdit


  • Most of his compositions contain an audio sample that recites "S-O-T-A".
  • In DanceDanceRevolution X, he is rumored to be neuras. He has neither confirmed or denied that rumor yet.

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