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Valkyrie DimensionEdit

Song InformationEdit

Artist: Spriggan
BPM: ????
Genre: ????
First Appeared On: DanceDanceRevolution X2 (Arcade Version)
Length: ???
Difficulty: SP: ??? DP: ????



Song Connections/RemixesEdit



  • In Replicant D-Action, this song represented Purple.
  • Proclaimed as the first song to officially have a 19-footer chart and an 18-footer Expert chart on Expert difficulty.
  • Spriggan has been believed to be DJ Yoshitaka, but no official word has been said yet.
  • After collecting the last Medal, the player is forced to play this song as the Encore Extra Stage on Sudden Death/Risky on Expert Difficulty. Unlike in past mixes or when playing roppongi Evolved, where the player is given a breather by showing the Song Wheel with the song highlighted and locked-on, a short scene is played after the Evaluation Screen, the song and stage gets introduced, and gameplay begins.

Artist CommentsEdit

DDR X2は割と女性陣制作スタッフの活躍が目立った作品ではないでしょうか。



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