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The main page of Zenius -I- Vanisher taken on 1 May, 2009.

Zenius -I- Vanisher is a European BEMANI fan site. The site is most notable for its games database and score trackers. Aside from BEMANI games, it also contains news for other music games like Dance Masters and Taiko no Tatsujin (a Taiko Drum simulation game from Namco). The site operates thru donations sent by the members.

Zenius -I- Vanisher is run by Alan Lam. Additional staff includes Brazen, eddie (Eddie Lehecka from Bemanistyle) and Pie-kun.

Site HistoryEdit

Zenius -I- Vanisher has been through five major revisions (each version referred to a styles). The constant updates are made to provide additional features and compatibility to all of the major browsers ran from almost any operating system. A mobile version ( is also available for portable devices/slow internet users. Zenius -I- Vanisher is currently on version 5.2 of the website.